Web tutorial: How to design a brilliant animated web banner

Learn tips from designers Radek and Alex on how they created this dynamic web banner for Wacom.


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Bob said: This guy makes great and cheap professional web banner design: https://www.fiverr.com/takis00...

kowsur said: thanks for this documenthttp://www.newsbd780.blogspot....

disqus_Hct2NXneXJ said: Teri Maa Ka Bhosda. Madherchod.

SerG said: Рекомендую обратиться вот к этим ребятам Art2Web (www.art2web.tk). По своему опыту работы с ними остался доволен.

dawdaw said: SHUTUPPP..!! AND TAKE MY MONEY..!!

Rohit Sharma said: Even i thought the same. dissapointed. :(

brian said: Terrible product and even worse tutorial...because it isn't one.

Lionel Thomas said: Misleading title and content. Change it. "share more and ye shall receive !"

Alex said: Ahh, This is not Web Tutorial as the title says, It's a Promotion! How cheeky...

Sharifbd16 said: Lucid Tutorial

Poop said: Boy, that sure is some subliminal Inkling marketing! Too bad it's such a rubbish product.

Thomasluca said: That's great! Love it.

Info said: Ditto on the comment below. No info on how it was done.

Palacios said: I thought this was a tutorial on how to re-create that beautiful inkling banner. I'm disappointed...

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