Photoshop tutorial: Vintage collage techniques

Step 12
Open flower.jpg and, using the Pen tool, cut out the parts you like the most and place them below the ‘grandma’ layer. Select Image > Adjustments > Hue/ Saturate, check the Colorize Option, set the hue to 0 and saturation to -18. Do the same to the other petal but using a slightly different tone.

Step 13
Select the Pen tool to draw some abstract shapes. Cubist references are very helpful for this, so you might find it useful to do a quick Google image search. Select a nice picture for the background (in my case used a landscape photo from an old magazine) and use the path you’ve just finished to create a selection. Select the best part to use and delete the rest of the picture.

Step 14
Place it below the petals layer. Duplicate this layer and flip horizontally to create a mirrored effect. Make another copy of it, move below the peeling paint layer. Make it about 40 per cent bigger and desaturate it. Set the blending mode to Soft Light.

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