Photoshop tutorial: Vintage collage techniques

Step 6
Merge the top two layers and set the blending mode to Multiply. Note that our old paper texture looks much better: we need to add details in order to achieve more realistic results. Look at old references and you’ll see that our illustration needs a bit of dust as well. So let’s go for it.

Step 7
For a dirtier look, we’re going to need two white sheets of paper and a piece of charcoal. Use the charcoal in a very soft way to create this texture on one sheet. Get the other and make two lines, dividing it in four similar parts. Alternatively open charcoal_ texture.jpg and charcoal_lines.jpg.

Step 8
Place the charcoal texture above the peeling paint layer and set the blending mode to Multiply. Do the same with the charcoal lines, placing above the other charcoal layer but now, setting the blending mode to Color Burn. This layer will help us to unify the elements.

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