Photoshop tutorial: Vintage collage techniques

Step 3
Scan your painting (or open peeling.jpg from the projects file, which can be downloaded here) and select Image > Adjustments > Desaturate (Cmd/ Ctrl+Shift+U). Go to Image > Invert (Cmd/ Ctrl+I), select Image > Adjustments > Levels (Cmd/Ctrl+L) and increase the contrast, changing the input values to 40, 1 and 244. Select the best parts and place this new layer over the background. Set the blending mode to Screen and the opacity to 44 per cent.

Step 4
To create the aged paper texture, get a thick paintbrush, a white sheet and a cup of very strong coffee. Start painting the sheet with coffee and as soon as it’s dry, scan and import it to your illustration. Alternatively you can open coffee_texture.jpg. Put this layer on top of the others.

Step 5
Open dirty_burn.jpg (I created this texture using the same technique described in Step 07) and copy into a new Alpha channel in your illustration. Go to Image > Invert (Cmd/Ctrl+I), then Image > Adjustments > Levels (Cmd/Ctrl+L) and change the input values to 15, 1 and 245. Generate a selection from this Alpha channel, and create a new layer above the old paper texture layer. Fill this selection with a dark grey tone (C=0, M=0, Y=0, K=80) and set the blending mode to Color Burn.

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