Photoshop tutorial: Handmade textures and shading effects

Dominique Byron looks at how you can add depth to a flat-looking piece of digital artwork by combining textures with subtle shading and highlights


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Sohan Dewan said: Great work. Why not you try for a professional hand -

Neil Bennett said: Sorry about that. I can't replicate this. Is it a specific ad that's doing this? If so, could you let me know who it's for please. Other useful info that would be help us fix this would be which country you're in (in case it's a geo-specific ad from an ad network, which we use for some territories). A screengrab would be super helpful too.

SH said: Hi Neil, as DH mentioned the the advertisement after your page loads up covers across the top and also your article. I'm using a MacBook Pro with Safari web browser. Using FireFox the advertisement is situated at the bottoms of the webpage after the comments and before what I would call the Footer of the page. Hope this helps. Did not check with Chrome though.

Neil Bennett said: HiI'm not seeing that. Let me know what browser/version/OS you're using and I'll get our devs to look into it for you.

DH said: your advertisements lay right over your tutorial so I cant read anything....

Katiecornflake said: updated my browser working ok now thanks.

Neil Bennett said: What browser/OS are you using? Like to help if we can.

Katiecornflake said: Tried that but still not working, may be a problem at my end thanks for the advice anyway

Neil Bennett said: You can use the navigation bar above the word intro, or there are buttons to go to the next step that appear when you move your mouse over the artwork itself.

Neil Bennett said: Sorry Annali, there aren't any download files. The mention of them was an error.

Katiecornflake said: I would love to try this tut but can't get past the intro page. Help please!

Annall said: Photoshop tutorial: Use textures and shading to give your art a handmade feel No link to download the files!

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