Photoshop tutorial: Use Curves to enhance a photo

How to make a group shot subtly more dynamic by applying some of Photoshop's adjustment layers and blending modes.


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enamul hoq said: Thanks,,background remove

Kendo said: 20 minutes? What did you do, run for coffee before flattening the image? Using curves, you can push the boundaries of this photo or increase the contrast or the vibrancy, increase the midtones and any of them can be done in less than 2 minutes. Yet, I see very little dynamic change from before to after shots.

Ralph said: I honestly don't see great difference... and actually this is something you can make in less than 2 minutes (if not seconds) with vibrance, curves and/or color correction.

Daan said: I think it's 20 minutes or you have to do this tutorial for 60 photos.

Allan Michael said: 20 hours to complete?

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