Achieve vintage-look collage techniques with Photoshop
Here, illustrator Ciara Phelan shows you how to hone your cut-out skills to prepare images for collaging. You'll also learn some handy tricks to give your images a vintage look.

Paint this gorgeous disco-inspired portrait
You’d be very world-weary indeed if your first reaction when looking at this portrait wasn’t ‘wow’. Knockout digital portraiture at this level takes skill, craft and patience – and here, Neville d’Souza guides you step by step through the painstaking process of creating this gorgeous portrait from scratch in Photoshop.

Create 3D type art using Photoshop CS5
The new 3D tools in Photoshop CS5 are more advanced than ever. In this tutorial we will use the new Repoussé tool to extrude some text in a way previously only possible in a full 3D application.

Photoshop's layer effects explained
Creating vibrant, eye-catching images like this one needn't be a complex or time-consuming affair. In this tutorial, James White shows how to add a vivid retro flair to a striking model shot.

Surreal digital portraits
Artists are pushing digital painting in innovative new directions inspired by a range of creative traditions. One artist who's leading the charge is Ratinan Thaijareorn -- aka Ise -- a Thai painter whose art draws on fine art and fashion, as well as symbolism.

Here she takes you through the process of how she creates her work, first roughly comping the arrangement of elements using reference photos and then applying layers of brushwork above them to produce the final piece.