Happy New Year! It's time to reflect on the past 12 months, and what better way than to kick off 2011 that with the 10 most incredible Photoshop tutorials from 2010. You've voted with your clicking fingers and judged these to be your favourites -- covering techniques from 3D type art and lighting effects to pop-up illustration and surreal portraits -- so let's get inspired for the year ahead.

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Hand-drawn tricks for hip graphics styles
Artist Ollie Munden takes you through the process of creating his three-colour painting, Chasing The Dragon, through a mix of Photoshop and pencil techniques. First off you’ll mock up what you want to create using photography, then create a pencil drawing from that. Taking your drawing, you’ll retrace this by hand with a Brush Pen, then transform it into a slick-looking, three-colour digital artwork.

Create beautiful abstract mosaics
Mosiacs generally make you think of the Roman villas you visited on school trips, or those pictures-within-pictures that appeared on every student's bedroom wall after the craze for Magic Eye images died. They don't automatically conjure visions of stylish artwork, but Fabio Sasso has found a way to create truly striking visuals with a very simple, swift process.

Design a pop-up illustration
In this tutorial you will explore how to combine Photoshop’s tools with traditional pop-up techniques as a starting point to plan, modify and transform your 2D artwork into a fully functional pop-up spread.

Learn gorgeous new shading skills
Yuta Onoda shows how you can transform a pencil sketch into a gorgeous, textured digital artwork using layer masks and blending modes. You’ll also learn how to add realism to your artwork by faking print offsets and paint spatters.
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Master stylish lighting effects
Applying lighting effects to model shots is a classic application of Photoshop, but through poor practice and overuse of the same tricks, it's become something of a cliché. In this tutorial, Fabio Sasso shows you how to put a fresh, stylish spin on lighting effects.