Photoshop tutorial: Surreal digital portraits

Step 2 Once I finished the line sketch, I began the painting process, starting with the tiger’s head. At every stage,  I compared it with the photo of a real tiger to make sure I didn’t create a poor representation of it. 

Step 3 Before I begin painting, I always carefully select the right brush to use. For example, here I used the dry media brush set, because these brushes achieve a very similar effect to what you can get from a real, handmade brush. I use a Wacom tablet so that I can paint layer by layer as if I were painting oils or watercolours. 

Step 4 Using a set of brushes that I made myself at a Master Diameter of 12 pixels, I sketched the tiger’s face with eyes, nose and mouth. I created these starting with dark layers, and building lighter layers on top.

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