Photoshop tutorial: Stylise a photo using colourful geometric shapes

Mart Biemans shows you how to turn a photo into a dynamic artwork with a bright colour scheme in Photoshop.


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enamul hoq said: your step by step description is so clear..clippingpath

VJMina ミ☆ said: Impossible to make anything looking like this with those steps. Last one might be the trickiest : after working so hard, the filter does not ressemble at all to the result ! Really deceiving!

thelaister said: agreed the descriptions here are very inadequate. This is a fail

Mila Supinskaya said: Step 8 is the best)

Claire said: *step

Claire said: I don't understand sep 9 ...

Tony said: Nice work. I don't quite understand step 6. If I add a gradient with 100% opacity, it just about covers everything below it in the stack.

tay said: descriptions are not enough to understand man

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