Step 2
For the base layer we want to create the general shape and dimensionality. Double-click the ‘slime 5’ layer to open the Layer Style dialog. Under Advanced Blending, drag the Fill Opacity slider to 0, then set the layer styles as shown in the screengrabs.

Step 3
Now we need to add some highlights to the image, to create more depth. We’ll also add a secondary light colour for visual interest. Turn on the ‘slime 4’ layer and double-click it to open the Layer Style palette. Under Advanced Blending drag the Fill Opacity Slider to 0, and again copy the layer styles so they match the screengrabs.

Step 4
It’s time to make the image sharper by applying effects that accentuate the edges. Turn on ‘slime 3’, and open the Layer Style dialog. Drag the Fill Opacity Slider in Advanced Blending to 0, and copy the layer style settings as shown.