Photoshop tutorial: Speedy 1980s text effects

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create flashy type-based art quickly by making cunning use of Photoshop’s layer styles. You’ll be using the same image on multiple layers, modifying each version with its own layer style – this can help you achieve dramatic effects that seem far more complicated to create than this. It’s a handy little cheat that can save you plenty of time – while also creating a glowing, shiny result.

The technique is most effective when used for type-based art – and particularly logos – but it has a wealth of other uses. Here, Tabor Robak shows how to fake a glowing gel effect, but you could also use it to create a plastic, metal or any other texture.

Step 1
Create a new 300dpi A4 Photoshop document in RGB, with a black background. Select File > Place and import the file from the cover CD – or use another piece of vector or type art. Size it so that it fits comfortably within the canvas. Duplicate this layer four times (Cmd/Ctrl + J), naming the layers ‘slime 1’,’slime 2’ and so on from top to botton until you get to ‘slime 5’. Hide ‘slime 1’ to ‘slime 4’.

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