Photoshop tutorial: Sci-fi digital painting techniques

In this Photoshop tutorial, Takumer Homma applies traditional art principles to create a digital painting of a robot mech.


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enamul hoq said: Not good enough..background remove

Jack Jones said: Great tutorial on lighting and layer work. If you need any more maybe you should look elsewhere for beginner tutorials. :)

Visitor said: Not useful at all!

Mike F. said: I thought the tutorial was short, succinct, and to the point! Minus a few details here & there - but nonetheless an informative tutorial! Cheer's :DAnd keep in mind, this is a specific tutorial about how to light, shade and focus an illustrative concept - not how to be creative enough to draw or imagine a concept, so it does require some prerequisite knowledge about art, drawing, and lighting it with color. Of course it would also help to be willing to fill in the blanks of what wasn't understood at your local library! :)Granted, having a basic knowledge of lighting, color theory, and knowing how to draw - works in favor for any artist willing to learn new techniques to apply to their work.I've been drawing all my life, and have only had some formal training - while learning computers and the apps they run when they became available.~ I have amassed a good deal of content over the years for my current workflow needs (your tutorial included). [email protected] could see how some people that read your tutorial and may not be as artistically inclined as the next person, were probably expecting a bit more detail in the textual content - concerning the image details from step to step, as was I! :)But with a slightly more studious attitude toward learning on my part - what I don't understand I make it a point to learn about! :D"Thanks for taking the time to prepare and compile this tutorial!"~ I'm sure someone else will appreciate it, they just haven't posted yet! :D ~Don't forget to have fun with it! :)Content creation is where it's @Mike aka 1DVD

bamboo7 said: This is not a tutorial. These are the steps taken by the illustrator. This would not help anyone create this. Step 1 Open Magicshop Step 2 draw robot step 3 color robot

rob said: its still not a tutorial really is it it shows you step by step of stages not even how to do them steps

Neil Bennett said: Are you using the buttons on the image or above it to go from step to step?

Confused Reader said: How is this a tutorial on how to create a digital painting of a robot mech?

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