Photoshop tutorial: Pendulum's Immersion album cover art step-by-step

Step 11 Additional elements, such as the dead fish and extra jellyfish, were created with black backgrounds and comped in. Using the Screen blending mode means no masking was necessary. For some more subtle details, I added some abstract shapes as well, placing them on a layer with the an Outer Glow Layer Style applied as before.

Step 12 The end result was in sight. I just had to make sure that all the layers are treated similarly so that the whole artwork is coherent. I paid particular attention to make the edges glow in the same way as the ghosts and creatures.

Step 13 The final step is typography. I created and placed the type as flat, single colour text. I created a path around it to paint within by selecting (Layer > Create Clipping Mask) and used a soft brush to paint above it. I created a selection from the text, create a mask on a new layer and copy the Outer Glow Layer Style to it. Now paint on that layer for a shining effect on the top edge of the title.


Who: For Maciej ‘Valp’ Hajnrich, art and design has always been something more than just a profession. Based in Katowice, Poland, the self-taught freelance artist  has five years of experience in print and web design. After years of experimentation, Maciej has established himself as a considerable creative digital force; his imaginative style displays a high attention to detail, colours and textures. Maciej has produced work for Warner Music, Odeon Film Studio, Platige Image and Armada Skis, as well as delivering illustrations for Priscilla Queen of the Desert musical.
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS4 or higher
Time to complete: 20-30 hours

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