Photoshop tutorial: Pendulum's Immersion album cover art step-by-step

Step 2 I was supplied with a composited photograph as a starting point. It was impossible to take a shot with so many swimmers, so many were taken and then combined. Bridge CS5 was very handy here for organizing all your resources. The nude figures in the middle are crucial to the artwork, so much time was taken selecting the right pose.

Step 3 I began working with the shot of the two nude swimmers and added lighting coming down from the surface. I sketched light rays down and used the Screen blending mode to light the image.

I took an abstract shape, and converted it to a Smart Object (Layer > Smart Objects > Convert to Smart Object). I used the Warp tool (Edit > Transform > Warp) to pull it into an arch shape with the ‘rays’ coming down. The layer’s Blending Mode was set to Overlay.

Step 4 Next-up, colour correction. I prefer to work with several Hue and Saturation and Curves adjustment layers with different blending modes. Here, I desaturated and darkened the original image by moving the sliders to the left.  

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