Photoshop tutorial: Paint this gorgeous disco-inspired portrait

Step 18 Add the teeth, creating the shapes with the Pen tool. It’s important not to get them either too white or too dark – experiment. Add in tiny specks of white to form the reflections. The aim is to create a subtle element that blends in with the rest of the image, without attracting attention.

Step 19 Now for some colour markings: here, I roughly painted a shape across her cheek, then set the layer blending mode to Linear Burn with a 50% fill. Add some washes of creamy yellow across her chest and shoulders, again setting the blending mode to Linear Burn, with a 35% fill.

Step 20 The final stage is really up to you: Photoshop’s adjustment layers feature is a powerful tool – you can keep experimenting for hours and keep getting awesome and very different results. For a classically early-1980s blur, try using a Shape Blur filter with a radius of 20 pixels and a circular frame of the blur. Here, I’ve made the whole image less pink with a Curves Adjustment layer.

About this tutorial

About the author: Based in Pune, India, Neville D’Souza is a digital artist. He says that his work is inspired by Linda Bergkvist, Pascal Blanché, and Ryan Church, among others. His website is at

Time to complete: 3 hours

Software used: Adobe Photoshop

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