Step 15 Give the pupil a light reflection, then let’s get to work on the eyelashes – again, pay very close attention to your reference photos to make these look as realistic as possible. Use the Pen tool for the basic shape, then use a hard brush for the inner line work and some highlights. Once complete, add shadows and a dark purple lining for the upper and lower eyelids.

Step 16 Now for the eyebrows. Create a basic shape using the Pen tool, then use the Smudge tool – alternating between 70% and 90% – and work your way in and out of the brow area. Set the layer’s blending mode to Overlay with a 50% fill and create a layer mask as shown here. Duplicate the layer.

Paint another eyebrow using the same technique, adding darker streaks. Set this layer’s blending mode to Linear Burn with 25% fill. Duplicate this layer, set the blending mode to Linear Dodge with 100% fill. Copy and flip to form the other eye, making some tiny adjustments to the eyelashes so the eyes aren’t completely symmetrical.

Step 17 Now for some makeup. Block in an orange shape and then change the layer’s blending mode to Overlay. For the reflection on her nose, use a soft brush and smudge it carefully.

Add highlights to her forehead, chin and upper lip area, then move and do the same to the shoulders, collar bone, neck and cleavage.