Photoshop tutorial: Paint this gorgeous disco-inspired portrait

Step 9 Paint pastel highlights on the lower lip, and darken the area closer to the mouth opening. Continue to build up the highlights, adding them on the top lip: getting the teeny bits of reflection and shine is a challenge. I used a small hard brush in plain white and had to play around a lot so the shapes didn’t look like cutouts. Add a generous amount of yellow, to show bounce and reflection.

Step 10 Now for the nose. Start off with a soft peach tone for the opening – once we add a dark red tone over it we can easily fade it off with the eraser and let it blend in with the underlying colour. Round off the nose shape with a pink shadow and faint outlining – the Smudge tool at a low setting (about 55%) is your friend here.

Step 11 Define the area with sharper lines, more smudging and orange shadows – experimenting with coloured shadows works wonders! Shape out the nose tip and paint in the shadows between the nose and upper lip area, then add a very subtle yellow tone for bounce.

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