Photoshop tutorial: Paint this gorgeous disco-inspired portrait

Step 6 Draw the outline of the face and shoulders (you might find it easier to draw half and then reflect it), then move it to between the front hair and back hair groups.

Darken the neck area, add some soft pink reflections around the edges of her face, and some golden light bounce on her shoulders. This is looking a bit full-on; we’ll need to tone it down a bit.

Step 7 Blend the yellow tone into her skin a little more, and add some gentle shading for the collarbone. Then add some yellow lighting on her shoulder tip – but don’t go all the way to her jawline, or even her neck, as this could be distracting. Add some rim lighting on the jawline toward her chin – but not too much. Darken the area towards her ears, mainly for the subtle hair shadow and to add depth. Treat the eye socket and lower lip areas the same way.

Step 8 Block out the lips in a rich, deep shade, then add a nice pink tone with a good amount of saturation. Paint in a black shape for the mouth opening, and start adding in highlights, varying the opacity of your painting.

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