Step 15
Hit Cmd/Ctrl + E to Merge Down and label it ‘Main graffiti’. Drag and drop it into your working document above the skater and position in the bottom right. Next, use the Eraser tool to blend out the hard edges. Change the ‘Main graffiti’ layer’s blending mode to Screen and the opacity to 60%. Duplicate the layer and set its blending mode to Linear Burn, then increase the opacity to 77%.

Step 16
Set the skater's blending mode to Screen and 75% opacity, duplicate it, setting its mode Linear Burn and opacity to 77%. Open Tag.tif from the project files and drop it as a new layer at the top of the stack, transform, set the blending mode to Screen, at a 50% opacity. Target your top layer and apply the displacement map by going Filter > Distort > Displace, in the next window set the Horizontal and Vertical Scale to 5, check Stretch To Fit and Repeat Edge pixels, then click OK, navigate to your saved bumpmap. psd file and click Open. Finally, target all your remaining layers in turn and hit Cmd/Ctrl + F to repeat the filter. Your graffiti now matches the contours of the underlying wall.

Mark Mayers

Who: Freelance illustrator and designer Mark Mayers is based in Cornwall. With over 18 years’ experience, he can recall life before Macs and is a reformed technophobe. He now writes tutorials for leading publishers worldwide, and has won awards including MetalFX Designer of the Year 06.
Software: Adobe Photoshop
Time to complete: 2.5 hours

Project files

All files for this tutorial can be downloaded here.