Step 12
Select the Crop tool and expand the bottom of the canvas, before accepting the crop prompt. Rotate it anticlockwise as shown. Now for the overspray effects: open Paint_1.jpg from the cover CD and use the Magic Wand tool (with the Contiguous option unchecked) to select the image and Copy > Paste it above the ‘Black fill’ layer. Transform and position, then set the blending mode to Multiply. Now erase any excess areas, then continue using the remaining paint files to further the effect.

Step 13
Now use the same off-white and pale brown to fill more overspray areas using default blending mode – we’re aiming for a fairly subtle effect, so don’t overdo it. Once you’re happy, Merge Visible (Shift+ Cmd/Ctrl + E) and name the layer ‘Skater’. Now access the brush presets and pick a medium, soft-edged brush with Noise selected. Add some gentle overspray using the same colours as well as black. Drag and drop this as a new layer into your working document above the group folder.

Step 14
Download the graffiti image from or use a similar graffiti photo of your own – it must be bright and bold enough to work as a centrepiece for the image. If you’re using the downloaded image, you’ll see the bottom left-hand graffiti is missing. To restore it, first use the Crop tool to extend that side of the canvas by approx 2cm. Now draw a path for the missing area, then using the Clone tool set to All Layers, paint within a selection from your path. Finally, invert the selection to fix the remaining area.