Step 3
Open up the document Graffiti Tutorial.psd and add a new group folder labelled ‘Graffiti 1’. Next, download the project files from here, and open the graffiti photos (Graffiti_1.jpg to Graffiti_16.jpg). Now use either the Magic Wand tool (W) or the Color Range (Select > Color Range) selection techniques to generate selections from the images and copy and paste these into your folder as new layers.

Step 4
Continue adding layers, remembering to leave areas clear for the skater stencil and mural. Experiment with different blending modes: for this image I’ve used a combination of blending modes. Try filling selections with paler colours and dropping the opacity for a weathered look. You can also blend layers by double-clicking their thumbnails and dragging the whitepoint Blend If slider to the left (hitting Opt/Alt and dragging to split the slider will refine the blend).

Step 5
Open Skater.jpg from the project files and crop the excess background. Now use the Pen tool (set to Paths) to isolate the skater. You don’t have to be 100% accurate plotting your points here because the final stencil result is fairly crude. When you’re done, save the path by double clicking its thumbnail.