Step 14 Let’s add some more decorative elements. Open the file branch.jpg. Copy it to the layer above the photo; set the blending mode to Multiply. Duplicate this a few times, and place the copies around the image, ensuring some sit next to the model’s eye and hair.

Create a mask around each branch element. Soften the edges using a soft rounded brush with 40% opacity to better blend with and colour match the rest of the composition.

Step 15 Keep working on the details. You could add more watercolour elements to the background – and over the image, too – to create a more appealing-looking composition. This also helps to blend the elements together better.

Step 16 Create a new layer above the photo. Draw a circle with the Elliptical Marquee tool. Using the Gradient tool, fill it with colour values of c45 m90 y50 k40 and c15 m0 y60 k0 for the ends of the gradient, and set the blending mode to Hard Light.

For an abstract feel, use the Lasso tool (L) to delete parts of your circle. Add an additional lighting effect by duplicating the circle, rotating it about 45 degrees, and setting its blending mode to Screen. Now you’re done.

Murilo Maciel

Who: Murilo Maciel is a Brazilian illustrator based in Vancouver, Canada, working under the name Grafikdust. Murilo loves to experiment with different medias and techniques. His clients include Coca Cola, BBH/London, Ogilvy & Mather, JW Thompson, Vodafone, Leo Burnett Chicago, Philip Morris, Pizza Hut, Sony and many others.
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS4 or higher
Time to complete: 2-5 hours

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