Step 8 Move a wash into the layer group; you’ll notice our image will begin to appear over the black areas of our paint. This is the main concept of this style, so it’s important that you’ve mastered this creative process. Make this layer 60% smaller and place it where you wish. 

Step 9 The idea is to have more, and smaller paint layers, instead of just larger ones, to give far greater control over our image. It will also look richer and more detailed, too.

Copy a few more washes into the folder, but change the blending mode of each layer to Multiply.

Step 10 Bring in blackwashes2.jpg and use these smaller elements to add detail. Keep building the image, until you’re happy with the results. Pay special attention to the borders of your image; try to leave a lot of white space, too. Incorporate some of the painted patterns you created before. This will make the image more interesting.