Step 12
To give the skull more texture we’re going to bring in a photo of concrete that you can get free from Copy the entire image by pressing Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C and close the image. Back in our image, Ctrl+Click the thumbnail of the layer the skull is on, then hit L to select the Polygonal Lasso tool. While holding Alt, click around any part of the layer that’s selected other than the skull to subtract the selection. Then select Edit > Paste Into and set the layer properties to Overlay.

Step 13
Time for tidying up the image. On the Lines layer, colour the girl’s lips a dark green (don’t worry about doing it carefully, we locked the transparent pixels on the layer earlier so you will only affect the black pixels). Add some more dark elements, such as vines for the background, onto the ground layer. Feel free to experiment, as every jungle is different, but try to make all of your elements point towards the focal point. It’s a subtle trick, but one that really tightens up the composition.