Step 5 Now go to Photoshop and create an A4 portrait document. Fill the background with blue (try #163148). Call this layer ‘Blue Background’.

Step 6 Copy the building created in Illustrator and paste it in Photoshop. Call this layer ‘Building’. Then copy the vector sun flare and paste it into another layer called ‘Rays’, beneath the building. Give this layer an opacity of 45%. After that, use the Eraser tool (E) to delete parts of the flare so you are left with only the rays that are streaming upwards.

Step 7 It’s now time to add some type. At the top, enter some text using a typeface that suits the period we’re referencing. I’ve used Humanist 521 BT, which is Bitstream’s version of Gill Sans (the typeface used by the Sterling Cooper agency in Mad Men). It’s not technically correct for an American poster – though designed by Eric Gill around 1930, it didn’t find favour in the US until the 1970s – but it feels right, which is often better for a modern homage like this.

With the Vertical Type tool, add a line of descending text to the front facade of the building. I’ve used Helvetica here for obvious reasons.

Also add a red (#c75334) rectangle to create the ground below the building. This adds contrast to the image and balances with the blue.