Step 2 Now begin creating the elements on one ‘side’ of the perspective. One of the best things about the Perspective Grid is that all the elements you create will follow the perspective. The idea here is to create
a wall with three tall windows.

Step 3 Creating the building is easy. Once you have the wall in the grid, duplicate it and flip it horizontally. Note that before I flipped it, I skewed it a very small amount so that the vertical lines point slightly inwards. This positions the viewer’s eye as if the building is looming over them, giving it a sense of scale and grandeur.

Create the front facade of the building using a circle and a rectangle. Use the Gradient tool (G) to apply some gradients in the elements to match how it’s shown here, as if the building is lit from the front and below. I haven’t used any colour, just a greyscale scheme – we’ll colour it later in Photoshop.

Step 4 Using the Ellipse tool (L), create the arc in the front of the building. For the background we will make a vector pattern resembling a sun flare. To create this, draw a simple thin triangle from the left centre of the document to the centre. Duplicate it and flip it across a vertical axis. Group both elements and duplicate, rotating the result by 90°. Do the same again with a 45° rotation, then again with a 22.5° rotation, and once more by 11.25°.