Step 3
Open the file craft paper.tif from the cover CD, and copy-&-paste this into the illustration, positioning this under the rest of the layers. Now add a new layer on top of this choosing Layer > New > Layer.

Create a square marquee from the top, taking up most of the image. Add a colour, such as an olive green, with a CMYK breakdown of 34 per cent cyan, 6 per cent magenta, 52 per cent yellow, and 18 per cent black. Use the paint bucket to add the colour.

Now choose Select > Inverse and fill the rest of the page with the purple colour (24 per cent cyan, 52 per cent magenta, 6 per cent yellow, and 18 per cent black). Change the opacity on this layer to 60 per cent, so it shows the craft paper underneath.

Step 4
Next, open the file texture.tif from the cover CD, and copy-&-paste it onto the picture on top of the other background layers, but underneath the burger.

In the Layers palette, change the normal setting to Soft Light. Duplicate this layer, but change this copy setting to Overlay, and change the opacity to 50 per cent.

This will create a texture, but allow the colour to show through. Name the layers Texture 1 & 2. Select all the background layers, and click on Layer > New > Group From Layers. Name the new group ‘background’.

Step 5
Find a photo of some paving slabs (or similar ground element), and place it in the lower right-hand corner. Press Alt + Shift to copy the paving, and drag the duplicated area across, repeat this again, until you have paving right across the lower area.

Merge these floor layers into one, and change the Layers menu to Soft Light with an opacity of 80 per cent. Make a marquee rectangle with a feather of 50px to go over the white edge of the paving. Press Delete.

Step 6
Open the file buildings.tif from the cover CD. Click Image > Mode > Duotone. Click on the colour, and put in the figures 65 per cent cyan and 100 per cent yellow. Name this monotone ‘Green’. Copy-&- paste this into the illustration three-quarters of the way up and make it transparent (Multiply in the Layers palette). Ensure it is over the top of the texture layers.