Photoshop tutorial: How to change hair colour in Photoshop: Lighten, Tint and create Ombre hair effects

Photographer Tigz Rice demonstrates how to use Photoshop to change hair colour, lighten hair colour, tint hair colour and create Ombre hair effects in this Photoshop tutorial.


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Taposy Rabeya said: It's awesome. Always update tutorials for Photo editing in your post. Thanks for help us.

Enamul Hoq said: really awesome and helpful tut...thanks for sharing

J.Ferdous said: I did find this hair color changing tutorial pretty good but I guess the learners would get more idea if each step descibed with images something like http://www.clippingpathspecial... , which I found really easy to follow. I guess other photoshop users will find this helpful also.

FoxySonia said: Where's the link to the actual tutorial?

Davilyn Eversz said: terrible tutorial. Leaves so many steps unclear, finally gave up. Doesn't even tell you what to do when you get done - I was just left with a white screen.

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