Step 12
The texture on top of the drawing of Cuba is part of a stock photo of a Cuban bank note. Blow it up using Image > Image Size and then Copy > Paste into the main image. Use the Eraser tool to crop the overlay to the shape of the drawing of Cuba. Finally set the layer to Multiply in the layer menu and reduce the layer opacity/fill to 74 per cent/89 per cent. This gives a slightly translucent overlay texture to the island image.

Step 13
The tiny ships were drawn using the Line tool, Brush tool and Eraser tool on a new layer. As they were going to be so small I only drew one and Copy > Paste the other one. They were selected and resized using Edit > Transform > Scale to fit better next to the drawing of Cuba.

Step 14
The Image is flattened to one layer and converted to CMYK for print; colour conversion can wash out or distort the RBG colours so the image is run through the Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast to bring back the rich, orangey values of the original RGB red.

Who Anton Nelson is a 23 year-old freelance illustrator from Greater London, working in mixed media and Photoshop. His latest illustration work can be seen in the pages of Fortean Times and Piano magazine. He also has an illustration blog, which can be read by visiting the link below.
Software Adobe Photoshop
Time to complete Four to five hours