Photoshop tutorial: Fix skin tones using Color Range selections

A simple and effective way to make skin look more natural and remove the look of strong makeup or fake tan in Photoshop


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JessicaHengehold said: My wife is trying DermalMD Even Tone serum, and says it has a nice texture. It is easy to apply. Plus, you can easily add moisturizer and foundation on top. And best of all, after one week the brown spots have already started to diminish. So yes, this product lives up to its promises.

Jean D'Eau said: The skin tone option may only apply to cs6 users.

Patrick said: Select - Color Range - Select - Skin Tones

Patrick said: Select - Color Range - Select - Skin Tone

Angus said: Same with me.

Perta Ovidiu said: Hi, I don't have the option Skin tones in the Select menu...what can I do?

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