Photoshop tutorial: Fantasy digital matte painting

Step 11
Time to add some more photographic textures to our landscape. For texture painting we will mainly use the Clone Stamp tool. Select your ‘Right mountain’ layer and set the Clone Stamp tool to ‘non-aligned’.

Hold down Alt/Option to turn your cursor into a crosshair and select the area of mountain on the original plate indicated by the red circle. Carefully start painting in the photographic textures over your sketch. For the cliffs, I used texture samples from the cliff on the original plate indicated by the blue circle.

Step 12
This is what the right middle-ground mountain looks like once completed. I’ve changed the shape of the mountain on the original plate slightly and added some brushwork set to colour overlay to get the cliffs a little bluer. For the two foreground mountains we will require bigger and more detailed rock and vegetation textures which we will source from a different, close-up photograph of the mountain behind Machu Picchu.

Step 13
Select your topmost layer, open iStock_000002605241Large and 13step drag the photograph into your main image. Press Command/Control+B and set your colour midtone balance to cyan 30, green 25, blue 65. Next, go to Image > Adjustments > Brightness > Contrast. Set your brightness to -30 and contrast to -25. Select your ‘Left foreground mountain’ layer and the Clone Stamp tool. Use the area indicated by the red rectangle on the new photograph as your texture palette, and apply the textures over your sketch varying your pen pressure.

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