Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop tutorial: Explore new-folk illustration styles

Step 13
Flatten the illustration and minimise the window to concentrate on texture. You can find free textures on the Internet but I recommend forming your own personal stock library of textures and grains to call upon when needed – such as this one. It’s on the CD, called texture.jpg.

Step 14
Open the desired texture and select the whole image (Cmd/Ctrl + A), copy the selection (Cmd/Ctrl + C), close the texture window and paste (Cmd/Ctrl + V) the texture on top of your doll. Desaturate the texture (Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + U) and lower the opacity to 30-40 per cent.

Step 15
Start merging the texture with your illustration by using the various blending modes located directly under the Layers panel. Different modes will have different effects, so raise or lower the opacity of selected blending modes until you find a mode that complements the overall illustration.

Step 16
Once you’re happy with the image and feel that it reflects the theme you’re illustrating, use the Layers drop-down menu to flatten the image (Layers > Flatten Image).

Jonny Wan

Who: Sheffield-based freelance illustrator Jonny Wan graduated from the Manchester School of Art in 2008 and has dedicated a lot of time to developing his distinctive style. He says: “Through my fascination with urban art, shape experimentation, colour and texture I have created a style that’s unique to me which can be applied to a varied range of commissions.”
Software: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
Time to complete: 15-20 hours
Files for this tutorial: You can download the tutorial files here

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