Step 8 Start to add basic shading to the ‘Woman’ layer, using a light source coming from the right. When you’ve established the basic shading you can switch your attention to the ‘Man’ layer and do the same. Use local colours (colours from elsewhere in the image) in your shading as colours are always affected by their environment.

Step 9 Create a new ‘Highlights’ layer above ‘Roughs’. Use a hard-edged brush to render in light yellow highlights on the characters. The human eye is drawn to contrast; using a bright colour will draw the viewer’s eye to the focal points. Change the blending mode of the ‘Roughs’ layer to Overlay and erase any unneccessary construction lines.

Step 10 Create a new layer: ‘Man Overlay’. In the New Layer box tick ‘Use previous layer to create Clipping Mask’ and set the blending mode to Overlay. Create a ‘Woman Overlay’ layer with the same settings. Use the Radial Gradient with the yellow highlight colour to add highlights to the characters’ skin, for example.