Step 2 Create a new layer called ‘White Border’, select a pure white colour and fill it using Shift + Backspace. Select the Square Marquee tool (M) and draw a widescreen/letterbox-style rectangle selection across your image, then add a layer mask (the circle-in-the-square button in the Layers panel). Press Cmd/Ctrl + I to invert the mask.

Step 3 Select the Linear Gradient (from the Paint Bucket flyout menu), set opacity to 25%, click on the Foreground to Transparent option and pick a colour of R 222, G 212, B 211. Go to the background layer and drag the gradient from the bottom right towards the top left to create the light grey gradient transition of the sky.

Step 4 Create a new layer called ‘Roughs’ and sketch in your layout with a light blue brush. Your characters should be dynamic and optimistic-looking. Lock the layer’s transparency (click on the padlock icon in the Layers panel) then press Shift + Backspace and fill the layer with black. Lower the layer’s opacity to 64%.