Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop tutorial: Discover hidden depths in type illustration

Here, illustrator Charles Williams shows you how to create an elegant logotype with a 3D finish. You’ll then learn how to integrate it successfully into a photograph to give a naturalistic result.

Rather than using a 3D program such as Maya, you’ll discover how to apply your Illustrator and Photoshop skills to create a photorealistic artwork with depth and a unique character.

If you don’t have Illustrator, you can still follow most of this tutorial; you’ll need to import Charles’s vector logotype, which can be found in our Download Zone.

Step 1 It’s incredibly important that you start a piece like this in the sketchbook. That way you can quickly establish what works – and what doesn’t. Look at ways in which the letterforms relate to each other, and make the shapes nice and thick so that you’ll have lots of surface area to work with later.

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