03. When the line art is finished, choose some colours for the skin and background. It’s important that the colours you choose aren’t too saturated in the early stages. Create a new layer named ‘skin’ to paint the colours on – this will give you better control over your image.

04. Once you’ve chosen the colours, use the HSB sliders to control colour, grab a brush, and paint in the first hints of shadow on the figure. Doing this will help give the illusion of form, and is one of the most important steps in an image. To activate the HSB sliders, click on the icon at the top righthand corner of the Colors palette and select HSB.

05. To push the form further, introduce a lighter mid-tone and render according to the light source, which in this case, is coming at a 45- degree angle from the figure. All the colour work here was done manually via the HSB slider. Stress values as opposed to colours – values help bring an image to life, colours always come in second.