Photoshop tutorial: Digital colouring techniques for pencil art

Marguerite Sauvage reveals how to use Photoshop to colour pencil-drawn artwork while still maintaining a handcrafted feel.


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enamul hoq said: very beautiful work.. everything explain in detailsbackground remove

Sohan Dewan said: ' Marguerite Sauvage' you done a great job. your tutorial is also pretty good for understanding but you using slide for going to next step it may confused some people like 'Henry'. Anyway I loved your stuff it's nice and useful and I will waiting for your next.Image clipping path | Photo retouching | Remove image background

William Ben said: I don't agree with Henry statement.. This is such unique style of explaining creative skills.. Nothing to be hidden here everything explain in details.. Look all the 8 steps above the illustrator..Affordable Logo Design Company

Henry Ford said: Nice you didnt explain anything usefull good job..

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