Step 11
We have a great-looking illustration, but it’s missing some cool typography to give it some context. Play around with some fonts. In this case, all type has been kept white. To get the full effect of the grungy layers, add some drop shadows so it jumps out from the illustration.

Step 12
For this step, sketch out a sunbeam graphic and trace over it in Adobe Illustrator. Copy-&-paste this into the piece, and fill it with a bright yellow. Erase the edges with a soft-edged brush, then set blending effects to Colour and Opacity to 40 per cent.

Step 13
To add some spot lights to the police helicopters, use the polygonal lasso tool to draw a triangle pointing out from the belly of the chopper. Fill this with a white to sky blue gradient and select Soft Light from the blending drop down. Repeat for the helicopter bottom right.