Step 5
Open the file scratches.psd and place this within your illustration. Using the Polygonal Lasso tool, make a selection around some of the shapes. Go to Edit > Define Brush Preset, enter a name and select OK. Repeat this process with other shapes and add some extra scratchiness with the paint brush tool.

Step 6
Open the file city.jpg, and use the same process as in step one. Select Image > Adjustments > Threshold to create a contrasting black-&-white image, then go to Edit > Transform > Perspective and drag the cursor out to get a fantastic cityscape effect. I have also repeated the process with an image of a helicopter.

Step 7
Now it’s time to get away from the screen. I love to age my work, and to do this you need to make some grungy layers. Put a tea bag in a small amount of hot water and then apply to a sheet of A4 paper. Once dry, scan it in, then crumple up your paper and scan it in again for a different look. It’s messy, but fun. The scanned objects are included on the cover CD with the names PAPER.jpg and PAPER2.jpg.