Step 2
Select both layers and link them in the layers palette. We don’t want it to be all a single colour, so we can add a gradient to give it some depth. Lock your black layer in the layers palette and select a light and dark blue, then use your gradient tool to create the shading you desire.

Step 3
With the Rectangular Marquee tool, create a series of rectangles to form some cool go-faster stripes, then rotate these to –25 degrees. Add some gradients, then use a soft-edged brush in your eraser tool to take out sections. This will help the layered-effect look later in the piece.

Step 4
Open the circle.psd file from the cover CD, and paste it into your illustration. Again, use the eraser tool to take out elements of the circle, then duplicate and place it in front and behind the main assassin. Next, go to your blending effects drop-down menu in the Layers palette and select Colour for the foreground and Colour Burn for the background from the drop-down menu.