Photoshop tutorial: Design repeating T-shirt motifs

Step 15
We’re going to have a main central skull with four smaller ones around it. Duplicate the central skull and Hit Cmd/Ctrl + T. Move it to the top left and using the central circle that appears in Free Transform mode, align its centre to the top left of the document. Repeat in the remaining corners.

At this point, you can add in other elements to finish the design. I added diamonds, lightning, raindrops and reflected geometric shapes – all these elements are available via the download link given opposite. Add some of your own as well.

Step 16
Add a colour overlay to finish the piece: check your document is set to CMYK, then add a new layer at the top of your Layer palette and fill it with the colour of your choice. Set the blending to an appropriate option depending on what colour you choose, and you have a completed design.

If you duplicate this image it will tile perfectly. As this design is intended for a T-shirt I duplicated it a few times and then deleted areas of the design to make it work on a garment.

Who: Ollie Munden chucks elements from nature, tattoo design, street art, 1980s skate graphics, and Oriental woodblock prints (as well as other secret ingredients) into a pot and mixes them all together to create a beautifully seasoned broth.
Software: Adobe Photoshop
Time to complete: 6-8 hours
On the CD or download: Files for this tutorial can be found on the cover CD or downloaded here

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