Photoshop tutorial: Design repeating T-shirt motifs

Step 3
Now using the skull print-out as a guide, go to town with creating lots of pattern work over the skull’s face, making sure you draw the outlines of the face so we recognise it as a skull. Only trace half of the skull, as later we will mirror it in Photoshop. In this case, I’m tracing in pencil, as I love the way the rougher marks look when repeated. Now scan your drawing.

Step 4
Once scanned, open the image in Photoshop and convert it to grayscale (Image > Grayscale). Using Image > Adjustments > Levels, tweak the levels to make the image punchier.

Step 5
Using the Dodge tool, set to Highlights and around 50% exposure, clean the linework up. The one disadvantage to using pencil when drawing is that a lot of smudges can occur, and may need to be cleaned up if you want to maintain a clean feel in your piece.

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