Photoshop tutorial: Design a pop-up illustration

Step 14 Print out your pops using a thick paper stock and cut them out. Leaving a small white edge will enhance the definition of your pops when you glue them in place later. Measure the width of each pop to find the centre line. Score the centre line and the tabs. 

Step 15 Score the centre line of your base and fold it back and forth a couple of times so it finds its natural resting position. This helps to release any unwanted tension on the pops when the base is folded shut.

Step 16 Glue all the pops to the base in the same way you did with the dummy. Experiment further with different score lines or maybe holes in the artwork that you can see through. There are so many possibilities!

Simon Wild

Who: Simon Wild is an illustrator with a passion for telling whimsical little stories. Using drawing, collage and digital ink, Simon is inspired by play, travel and film soundtracks, creating a world of colourful explosions and childlike expressions. A love of the fantastical is a recurring theme in his work. He has worked for clients such as Macmillan Children’s Books, The Big Chill festival ActionAid and Tate Britain.
Software: Adobe Photoshop
Time to complete: 2-3 hours


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