Photoshop tutorial: Cut & paste cool background textures

Step 6
Next, we will put a textured background over the top of the gradient. You can find any old piece of wood, board, paper, wall or anything else that has a kind of organic texture. Overlay it using the multiply effect on the layers panel with 100 per cent opacity.

Step 7
Add a new layer, and create another radial gradient with the colours C: 84 M: 57 Y: 2 K: 0 at one side and C: 81 M: 73 Y: 60 K: 82. The image should now have a kind of deep dark-blue textured feel to it.

Step 8
Now place the model on the blue texture, scaling her so she fits. In this case, she is scaled down to 70 per cent of her original size. Duplicate the model layer as you can use this to reinstate detail in your work later on.

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