Photoshop tutorial: Create your own pop art

Step 14
On a new layer above ‘Splots’, draw some simple graphic elements. Keep them in tune with the colour scheme and duplicate, re-size and position as required. Alternatively use from the CD. Combining hand-made elements with crisp vector graphics will give your illustrations an edgy feel. When you’re done, label the layer ‘Graphics’.

Step 15
Create a new layer at the top and place Mono_distress_1.tif, and perform the Live Trace/Expand process. This time, delete all the black areas, leaving white. Re-size, position and ungroup. Now use the Direct Selection tool to either delete areas or regroup areas and move them around until you’re happy. Label the layer ‘Distress 1’. Do the same for Mono_distress_2.tif. Continue to add/duplicate elements. I also coloured the woman’s skin, eyes and hair using the same techniques as the car.

Step 16
To tidy things up, create a new top layer labelled ‘Clipping mask’. Create a rectangle 420-x-297mm and position using your guides from Step 2. Next, highlight the layer icon and click the Make Clipping Mask icon at the foot of the layers palette. Expand the new layer using the small arrow by the layer icon and drag all your underlying layers beneath the new clipping mask layer. This is a neat trick to preserve all your original layers using a single clipping mask.

Who: Based in Cornwall, Mark Mayers is a freelance illustrator and designer with over 18 years’ experience. He’s worked for the likes of American Express, British Gas and Euro Disney. He also writes tutorials for many leading publishers worldwide. Past accolades include: ‘MetalFX Designer of the Year 06’ as well as Highly Commended ‘MetalFX Designer 07’.
Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
TIme to complete: 2 hours if using the CD files
Download: All files for this tutorial can be downloaded here or are available on the cover CD.

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