Photoshop tutorial: Create your own pop art

Step 11
Add a Gaussian blur of around 45 pixels, change the image mode to Bitmap, leave the output at 300dpi and under Method, select Halftone Screen. In the next dialog box, enter a frequency of 7 and an angle of 45°, and set the shape to Round. It’s worth experimenting here with alternative settings to see what you come up with – you can also save presets for future use.

Step 12
Switch to Illustrator and delete the compound path. Place the halftone image on your car layer and repeat the same Live Trace/Expand operations, fill it with turquoise and send to the back. The file Halftone_circle.tif on the CD, was made using the same technique. Place this on a new layer labelled ‘Halftone circles’ beneath the heart, Live Trace and Expand it, and fill with blue. Experiment with opacity and blending mode I used Hard Light at 55%.

Step 13
Create a new layer above the car and label it ‘Splots/Scribbles’. Open Splots.tif and Scribbles.tif from the cover CD, place, Live Trace and Expand them both. Ungroup and regroup elements, re-size, colour and position as desired. Making your own ink spots and scribbles will add a personal touch to your illustrations – remember to scan them as 1,200dpi bitmaps.

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