Photoshop tutorial: Create your own pop art

Step 7
Now to add some modern elements: open and copy the blue heart, pasting it onto a new layer beneath the car. Re-size and position it, and label the layer ‘Big heart’. Next, open Instructions.tif in Photoshop – this scan is a greatly enlarged section from a model kit. Clean up any stray pixels and save. Back in Illustrator, place it on a new layer beneath the heart.

Step 8
Perform the same Live Trace techniques as you did on the car and woman images, and fill the remaining black with the same blue used on the heart. Set the objects’ blending mode to Multiply and adjust the opacity to around 65%. Label the layer ‘Instructions’.

Step 9
Target your car layer and duplicate the group by Alt-dragging. In the Pathfinder palette go Make Compound Shape from the flyout menu, then hit the Expand button. This results in a single compound path with the uppermost fill dictating the appearance of the shape. Now fill with black and copy to the clipboard.

Step 10
Create a new Photoshop document using the Clipboard as the preset. Ensure the colour mode is Grayscale, the resolution is 300dpi and the background content is white. Paste your selection using the As Pixels option and flatten. You’ll be blurring the shape in the next step – so extend the canvas by hitting Alt + Cmd/Ctrl + C, anchor the image placement to the centre and add an extra 10cm to the width and height.

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