Photoshop tutorial: Create your own pop art

Step 3
Place the bubble car image on a new layer labelled ‘Car’. Select Object > Live Trace > Tracing Options and use the default black-and-white settings. Hit the Expand button to convert the image to vector paths and use the Direct Selection tool to select a white area. Go Select > Same > Fill Colour and hit Delete. Select the remaining black areas and fill with a deep turquoise, then enlarge and hit Cmd/Ctrl + 2 to lock the selection.

Step 4
Create a closed path just inside the car and fill with a lime colour. Hit Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + [ to send the selection to the back. Now, draw closed paths around the outer window areas and send them to the back too. Ensure they’re still selected and Shift + Click the lime fill to add to the selection. Next click the Minus Back button in the Pathfinder palette.

Step 5
Add further white fills for the interior, number plate, hubcap and headlights. Hit Cmd/Ctrl + [ to send these behind the turquoise artwork but in front of the lime fill. Now add some cyan fills behind the wheel and bumpers and send these backward as well. Once you’re happy, hit Alt + Cmd/Ctrl + 2 to unlock the turquoise artwork and then group the whole car.

Step 6
Open Woman.tif in Photoshop and clean it up as you did in step 01. Place the saved image in Illustrator on a new layer labelled ‘Woman’ and perform the Live Trace techniques used in Steps 03 and 04. Fill the black areas with turquoise, create a white fill and send it backwards. Group it, re-size, reflect it horizontally and position as shown.

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