Photoshop tutorial: Create surreal montages

Step 7
It’s time to give this elephant a tail, so open bonsai.jpg and using the pen tool again, cut it out and place it into the document. Rotate it 90 degrees clockwise then flip it horizontally and give it a layer mask. Then erase just a small part of it so it blends in with the elephant nicely. Then create a new layer and brush onto the elephant to create the shadow from the bonsai.

Step 8
A continent wouldn’t be complete without some sort of temple or buildings, so we are going to add a palace and an old temple on the backpack. Find a couple of images you like of temples or palaces, cut them out with the pen tool and drag them in.

For the temple we need to add a subtle shadow in front of it, so create a new layer and softly brush that in. Grab some of the moss we created earlier and add some to the temple as well using the layer mask.

Step 9
Now put a couple of objects on top of the elephant’s head to add a fun element to the piece. I used a kiwi bird and a bongo drum. Cut them out and drag them into the document. Add two new layers beneath for the shadows, and with a soft small brush at about size 25/30, brush in some shadow for each object. Add layer masks to the shadow layers in case you want to add or erase parts later on.

Step 10
Now add some flags so open flag.jpg, cut it out and drag it in. Position and rotate the large one first and add a new layer for some shadow where it appears to be coming from the temple. Duplicate and scale down the flag layer and adjust the hue to get a yellow colour, then create a shape that looks like a hole for the bongo, and make a layer mask on the flag layer and erase part of it so it appears to be standing inside the bongo.

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